Staying Safe Online

Staying Safe Online


You can find out about just about anything on the internet.....and that includes sex. For lots of  people the internet is a great way to have sexy fun - but you do need to look after yourself too, whatever your age, race, gender or sexuality.

While sending sexy messages or pictures can seem like fun, there are still risks you have to measure up. It's important to think about your safety when you're online. And that can mean your emotional, sexual or even physical safety.

You might not be at risk of a sexually transmitted infection or an unplanned pregnancy, but online sexual activity can lead to other problems, for example:

  • Getting in trouble with the law (sexual images of young people under 18 are illegal)
  • Feeling regretful, embarrassed, depressed or bullied if private pictures go viral
  • Finding your future career prospects are at risk because employers may look you up online

There is lots you can do to keep yourself safe online though. Here's a list of top tips to help. And if things do go wrong, help and support is available.  

Keeping yourself safe online

 It's best just not to send anything you would not like to be made public.

But if you do, only do it with people you know personally and ideally with someone you care for and trust, and who cares for and trusts you too. 

  • Wait until you are both over 18 to avoid trouble with the law
  • Use a fake name or a different name to your usual user / login name
  • Delete sexts quickly from your phone, tablet or laptop, UNLESS you are being harassed in which case you should keep them to show a trusted adult or the police
  • Do not give out personal details unless you are absolutely sure you know who the person is
  • Never agree to meet someone in person that you met online, without making sure that you meet in a safe public place and that someone knows that you are there. 

For more information and how to get help if things go wrong, look at these pages:

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    On-line support

    There are lots of great sites which can signpost you to helpful information all around your safety on-line. Here are a few we really like: